We all do it… Time to give yourself the night off and share a meal together!

We all do it.  We get on the phone with a friend, talk for about 15 minutes, then say, “We need to get together soon.”  Two weeks later, we have the same conversation, ending with the same, “We need to get together soon.”  The pace of life, especially for those with children at home, can be hectic and chaotic.  Time spent with friends has to be put on the back burner in order to keep everyone on schedule and keeping up with their commitments.  Sometimes, during this particularly busy time in our lives, our friendships can drift apart because so many other things take priority.

Why not call up your friends and share a meal together?  Dine Out Charlotte is a great way to enjoy a meal at a great restaurant while saving some money.  Give yourself a night off of cooking and have a great get-together at one of Charlotte’s many great restaurants participating in Dine Out Charlotte.  Spring time is the perfect time to reconnect with your friends and reestablish the bonds of friendship.  After all, everyone has to eat!  Why not use that time to try out a new restaurant while spending some overdue time with your friends?

Because the restaurants participating in Dine Out Charlotte have prix fixe menus, you know that you can enjoy a meal while keeping with even a tight budget.  You don’t have to worry that you will spend more than you’re willing to, or that your kids will order something outrageously expensive.  You can relax, enjoy your meal, and know that you are getting an amazing deal. 

Spring is the perfect time to get out of your Winter rut and try something new. Dine Out Charlotte provides an opportunity for you to eat some excellent food, catch up with friends, and have a night off of kitchen duty.



Photo taken at Blackthorne Restaurant and Bar

Dining Local from a Native Charlottean’s Perspective – Guest Blog by Caitlin Sellers

Special thanks to Caitlin Sellers for featuring Dine Out Charlotte Spring Restaurant Week on her blog this week.


FINALLY!!!! The weather is beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is look at all of the blooming flowers and especially the cherry blossom trees lining the streets.

Today I enjoyed my lunch outside in Dilworth off of East Blvd…. talk about vitamin D in 70 degree weather! Al fresco dining reminded me of how soon Dine Out Charlotte’s first ever Spring Restaurant Week is (April 12-21).

There are many great aspects I admire about this spring restaurant week:

  1. The 30+ participating restaurants are all LOCAL
  2. The type of restaurants participating are a wide variety and a price range for 3+ courses is $22-$32….affordable for anyone!
  3. The $2 proceeds go to Charlotte’s Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina’s Child Hunger Programs. One of the Child Hunger Programs to benefit includes the Johnson & Wales Kids Café Prepared Meals program.

Dineoutcharlotte.com allows you to:

  • Book in advance
  • See what pocket of Charlotte, NC (neighborhood) the restaurant you want to enjoy is in
  • The price tag
  • The type of cuisine
  • The menu itself
  • Al Fresco (outdoor) dining (They ALL do!)

I am so excited to see locals thriving in the community. I am so proud to see my hometown city growing rapidly. The Queen City is the best place to be in the spring! Get excited for the newest type of restaurant week Charlotte has to offer.

To all you foodies out there, appreciate the beauty of dining local!

Make your reservations TODAY before they fill up at Dine Out Charlotte

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Support Your Farmers. Buy Local!


Local farmers’ markets are filling up as locally-produced foods overflow the stalls.  Customers flock in to pick their fruits and vegetables from the massive offerings.  Eating fresh food, especially when it’s locally grown, is one of the sweet pleasures of Spring. Eating locally-grown, fresh produce is a pleasing rite of the new season, and Spring produce is rich with varied offerings.

Have you ever heard of the “Spring mix”?  These are leafy greens that are ready for harvest in the Spring.  Varied in color, texture, and nutrients, this mix makes a perfect leafy green salad mix.   While iceberg lettuce remains a staple for salads, adding leafy greens such as arugula, spinach, and romaine will round out your salad in texture, flavor, and nutrients.  The more colorful your salad, the healthier and more varied nutrition you will get.  The best idea is to eat them as fresh as you can- the more time lapses between harvest and ingestion, the fewer nutritional benefits you will receive.

There are plentiful fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat in the Spring:  asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, grapefruit, collard greens, and oranges are just a few of the vegetables and fruits that are ready to eat in the Spring.  Herbs such as chives, dill, lemongrass, marjoram, and oregano mature in time for Spring.

Eating foods fresh, when they are in season, helps your body to gain the most nutritional support from the foods.  The nutritional value of a food starts to decline when it is picked.  The fresher you can get the food, prepare it, and consume it, the more nutritional value you will receive.  Eating fresher foods also means that you will get the best flavor from the ingredients.  As foods move further and further from their harvest time, the flavors they hold get weaker or change.

When eating out, it’s best to choose restaurants which use locally produced foods.  This will provide better food with better nutritional value.  It also helps ensure that you will not be consuming preservatives or additives, because the food is fresh.  Overall, you will have a better dining experience with a better quality of food when you choose a restaurant that uses local produce and meat.

Want to support your local farmers but can’t make it to the market? Check out Farm to Front Porch. Their mission is to provide a fresh new way for the Charlotte area to think about local food. Their unified market and fast home delivery services will make it simple to buy the very best in farm fresh with absolutely none of the hassle.

Spring has arrived!

Spring is here! It seems that the snow and ice are behind the Queen City. The cherry trees are blooming, the leaves are budding on the trees, and the sweet smell of renewed life is in the air. The days are longer, and the stores are full of bathing suits, sun hats, and sunblock. All over the city, people are emerging from a cold winter’s hibernation.

Springtime in Charlotte is a wonderful time to explore. Ride the train into downtown and spend a day walking the streets. You will find downtown’s offerings to be plentiful and various. What’s best about downtown Charlotte is that you will find lots of local restaurants. These restaurants are not part of a national chain; rather, they create, refine, and nurture a local flavor with a professional chef in the kitchen. Choosing which local restaurant you will patronize will be difficult, but you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for a fresh flavor palate, you should definitely choose local. Look for a restaurant that offers al fresco seating. After all, it’s the best way to experience Charlotte in the Spring.

Drop off the kids with a sitter, meet your best girlfriends, and enjoy a night out on the town. Hibernate no more! It’s time to kick back, have a glass of wine, and relax with your friends. A night off of kitchen duty is just the thing to celebrate the start of warmer weather.
If you choose a restaurant featured in Dine Out Charlotte, you can take advantage of an awesome opportunity while supporting Second Harvest Food Bank. First, you will get a great discount, which makes a perfect opportunity for trying a new restaurant. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but with these discounts, you can choose a restaurant that you haven’t visited before. A portion of your meal cost will go to Second Harvest Food Bank, which serves the Charlotte area. With all these positives, you can’t go wrong!

Dine Out Charlotte and the Second Harvest Food Bank Metrolina are Springing Taste Buds into Action!

Springtime in Charlotte is the launch for the city’s most delicious new deal: Dine Out Charlotte. The inaugural culinary celebration serves up big value for diners. From April 12–21, participating restaurants in the Greater Charlotte area will offer three- (or more) course meals for either $22 or $32. The price includes a $2.00 fee to be donated directly to the Second Harvest Food Bank’s Feed Hungry Kids program.


“One of Charlotte’s most beautiful times of the year calls for a celebration of the eclectic cuisines from our area’s own talented chefs. The event promises to be a win-win for restaurants and diners alike. And why not help those in need while doing it?’ says Dine Out Charlotte founder, Jeff Ahmadi.


“Second Harvest Food Bank of Charlotte is honored to be the charity of choice for the inaugural ‘Dine Out Charlotte’ event. This is a great opportunity for folks in the region to try out more of our great restaurants and at the same time help ensure that there are no more hungry children in our region. We hope all of our supporters will welcome spring by eating out locally and helping to end child hunger,” says Kay Carter, Executive Director of Second Harvest Food Bank.

Dine Out Charlotte has secured commitments from numerous well-known establishments, including Blue Restaurant & Bar, Dressler’s Restaurant, Osso Restaurant & Lounge, Red Rocks Cafe & Bakery . . . with more restaurants on the way.

“Our vision with spring restaurant week is to highlight the culinary tapestry of greater Charlotte. Our area has come a long way from its sleepy southern past. Just as visitors to Charleston and New Orleans desire to try their local restaurants, we believe Charlotte visitors and locals expect the same and we can deliver,” says Ahmadi, also founder of Dine Out Charlotte’s parent company, My Fair Offer, Inc.

We have requested that our talented local chefs provide menus with the spring season in mind. Diners will be able to taste the true cuisine of Charlotte – this will be a matter of pride for restaurants with roots in Charlotte community.

The combination of innovative food, a great cause, the magical spring scene, fabulous independent restaurants, and generous people of this region is simply unbeatable. This represents a milestone in the Charlotte region’s recognition as a culinary center and foodie destination.

The idea was born when Ahmadi was frustrated with not being able to find a list of local independent restaurants in one place. “I wanted a platform that would allow me, as a resident of Charlotte, to not only find information on established restaurants, but also find information on new and exciting restaurants, rather than just relying on word of mouth. I may not need reviews from others to help me choose a restaurant,” Ahmadi explains, “but I would like the option of searching local offerings in one place all year long.”

Reservations will be accepted at the restaurants beginning March 24, but Twitter followers will be able to make reservations beginning March 22. Dine Out Charlotte will also be featured on desktop, mobile, iPhone & Android apps. dineoutcharlotte.com, as well as its mobile site and mobile apps, will remain active all year to serve as a local dining for Charlotte residents and visitors. You can also like DOC on Facebook and sign up to stay up to date at http://www.DineOutCharlotte.com.

Thanks to our marketing partner, Pinckney Marketing. Pinckney Marketing will be involved in promotion, marketing, social media, SEO, and design and operation of DineOutCharlotte.com.

For more information, contact Jeff Ahamdi at jeff@myfairoffer.com or 704.877.9418.