Support Charlotte’s Economy. Buy Local!


Have you heard the buzz about supporting small businesses?  Small businesses feed right into the local economy, so when you shop a small business, you’re helping your own community.  A few years’ back, an initiative to help local communities called “Small Business Saturday” was started.  Instead of shopping huge franchises where most of the profit goes elsewhere, shoppers are encouraged to shop small businesses.  Small businesses get a boost in sales, which feed right back into their local community.  Sales increase, jobs increase, and taxes paid to the local community increase.  All of these things add together to boost the local economy.

Dine Out Charlotte is another opportunity to boost the local community.  Instead of spending money at a restaurant franchise, you can choose to spend your money at a locally owned restaurant.  These restaurants feed right into the local economy.  They provide local jobs and they pay local taxes.  They employ local people.  They purchase food supplies such as produce and meats locally.  The revenues feed right back into the local economy.

When you choose to spend money on a franchise owned restaurant, most of the revenue goes to the corporate location.  Unless the corporate offices happen to be in Charlotte, most of the money you spend to visit the restaurant ends up going to another community.  The foods purchased come from elsewhere, because most franchises purchase all of their food at the same place, freeze it, and send it to each of their franchises.  Unless that food location happens to be Charlotte, Charlotte does not benefit at all from the food purchases.

When you add up all the factors, it’s simply logical to see that supporting locally owned businesses is better for the local economy than dining at a franchise.  When choosing where your money will be spent, remember that supporting small businesses is supporting Charlotte’s local economy.

Dine Out Charlotte is the perfect opportunity to discover your new favorite, locally owned restaurant.  Taking advantage of a great deal is ideal for supporting local restaurants.