A Farmers View on Buying and Eating from your Local Community of Farmers



One great thing about eating local is the freshness of the product. At Poverty Creek Farm we raise beef, pork and poultry along with a variety of vegetables and sale to the public and to restaurants. The freshness of the product is one of our keys to success. We pick vegetables before every farmers market, every restaurant order, so basically every day! What we don’t sell we feed to the hogs and chickens. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use to cook for our own children. Freshness is important, not only for taste, but for nutritional value. As vegetables age they deteriorate and lose a lot of their nutrients.

That freshness and that goodness is what keeps our customers coming back for more. Take our Bratwurst sausage for example, one of my biggest sellers… once you try it you’ll never want store bought cured bratwurst again! An all-natural casing provides for 4 links in a pound pack of a lean, high quality all pork products. A tried and true family recipe provides the perfect flavors to complement your backyard cookout, or your favorite vegetables cooked on a skillet.

At Poverty Creek, our animals are raised with no hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics. We use vinegar, diatomaceous earth (food grade) and a mindful eye that allows us to raise animals with traditional farming practices.  We don’t have to use conventional methods to keep our animals healthy, or get our vegetables to grow. We use natural practices, because we figure there is no need to manipulate something that works so well. Yes it may take a little longer for my peas to reach maturity than those big corporate farms, but sometimes things that are hurried along are not always the best. My vegetables and meat products may not contain fertilizers, steroids, genetic modifications, and artificial anything, but they do contain the love of a family who has dedicated their lives to the land, and the products they produce.

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